DM Industry Co., Ltd has been acting as a main supplier of various raw materials for optical fiber cables and power cables since 2005. We are very much proud of the high quality materials along with excellent communication with customers over the world. We focus on export business only such as Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, America over 25countries.
DM is offering key materials such as FRP rod, PBT compound, single mode fiber, EAA coated steel wire, Thixotropic gel(jelly), Hot stamping foil(marking tape), Copolymer coated steel tape & aluminum tape(extrusion type), Water blocking tape & yarn, Polyester yarn & ripcord, PBT color master batch, LSZH compound, Copper covered steel wire, Coated Glass yarn(Fiber), Tin coated copper wire etc. We are the real expert about cable raw materials. Cable Man !